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Police: Ballistic Vest Saved Officer From Critical Injury During South Sacramento Shooting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Police Department has released video of the shooting that left both an officer and a suspect hurt last month.

The shooting happened back on March 23 along the 5900 block of Tangerine Avenue.

Officers showed up in the area to investigate a report of shots being fired, police say. While checking the area, an officer then saw a person walking in the street. An officer then shined a light on the person - and as the suspect walked up to the passenger side window, he opened fire.

Police say the officer - who was shot in the abdomen - was able to jump out of the patrol car and fire back, hitting the suspect.

The suspect, who has since been identified as 32-year-old Joshua Hippard, fell to the ground after being shot. He was still holding his gun and wouldn't let it go, police say.

Police say the officer who was shot was saved from critical injury by the vest he was wearing.

With Hippard allegedly refusing to follow commands, a Crisis Negotiation and SWAT team were called to the scene.

The officer's vest protected him from being critically hurt in the shooting, police say. (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

As seen in one of the videos released by the police department on Friday, officers eventually resorted to using a robot to move the loaded gun away from Hippard.

Once the gun was safely out of his reach, officers detained Hippard and started medical aid.

Hippard was taken to the hospital, but he has since been released and booked into Sacramento County Jail. He is facing several charges, including attempted murder.

Detectives also believe Hippard is suspected of shooting at another car that was driving through the area just before officers arrived.

The officer who was shot also also since been released from the hospital.


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