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VIDEO: Person Dressed Up As 'Grinch' Throws Cash At Stockton Mall

STOCKTON (CBS13) – The Grinch's heart grew several sizes a little earlier than Christmas morning this year, apparently.

As captured on video, a man and a person dressed up as the Grinch started throwing cash up in the air at the Weberstown Mall on Monday.

A worker at a nearby store said people were just waiting to take their picture with Santa Claus in the center court area of the mall when the Grinch showed up and started making it rain.

The video posted to the 209 Times Facebook page of the incident has since gotten tens of thousands of views – with commenters mostly writing positive things about the Grinch's actions.

"Whether it's just a $1 or $100 it made someone's day," wrote Claudia Moreno. "Sometimes even your own family don't care to spare a dime for you and these guys did it to total strangers. May their blessings multiply."

Most of the cash, if not all of it, appears to have been $1 bills.

It's unclear who the mystery Grinch and the other man who threw cash were.

In a similar incident on Monday, Rapper Blueface nearly caused a riot when he threw cash to homeless people on Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Blueface tweeted video of his giveaway – but was quickly chastised for the act.

"This is pitiful. Do better," one reply with the most likes reads.

Many on social media called Blueface's actions embarrassing and demeaning. Blueface has yet to respond to the criticism.

Watch the video of "the Grinch" throwing cash at the Weberstown Mall above. 

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