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Video shows people leave dog on doorstep of south Sacramento home

Dog left on doorstep of south Sacramento home
Dog left on doorstep of south Sacramento home 02:30

SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento family is sharing their story after an unexpected delivery in the middle of the night. Someone left a malnourished puppy at their front door and ran off.

This is a very cute little puppy you are about to meet only a few weeks old -

The dog is skin and bones- but right now it is blessed to be in such good hands...

His big brown eyes and furry white face and paws are in good hands now.

Nancy Steele named him Charlie. Ring video captured the moment at 1:30 in the morning when three teens placed the puppy under a milk crate before running off.

Steele says they didn't find the puppy until the morning.

"Saw an upside-down milk crate and the dog underneath it, and that's when life changed," she said with a laugh.

A veterinarian said Charlie is half the weight he should be. His fur hides how skinny his body truly is.

"I'm not sure of the scenario of what happened. I don't know if he was found in this condition and the kids were just doing the right thing, that they thought," Steele said.

Now, she is nursing the tiny guy to health before finding him a forever home. She decided not to turn him into a shelter.

"He's too little. He just needs to be with somebody one-on-one to give him the right attention and love," she said.

Steele said she has already had a DNA test done and is waiting for the results to see what kind of dog Charlie is. After a few more weeks of feeding him and vet visits, she will look for a good forever home for him.

Anyone interested in the dog is urged to contact Steele through her email:

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