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Video Captures Man Riding Hood Of Car On Interstate

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Just when you thought you had seen everything on South Florida roadways, along comes something that makes you shake your head.

It happened last Sunday, at around 8 p.m.

A man was seen on the hood of a speeding black Mercedes Benz on the southbound I-95 Express Lanes.

The video shot by Daniel Midah, an engineering student, on his cell phone shows a man wearing a white tank top and black shorts, clinging to the hood of the car while chatting on the phone.

"So, check it out, the guy is on the hood and the woman driving the black Benz has one hand on the wheel and the other holding the phone," Midah said.

He thinks they were talking to each other while blowing down the "I."

"It was scary and also like it was crazy and funny. I was mind blown. I have never seen anything like that," he added.

Midah says he called 911 and gave them the car description and tag number.

"They were putting their lives in danger, but also those of the people around them. If he had fallen off, he would have hit me, you know, that's on me."

"The strangest thing of all is that both rider and driver seemed calm like it was no big deal."

The Twitter video had gone viral by Monday afternoon with more than 359,000 views.

The Florida Highway Patrol says it is investigating the incident.

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