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'We Just Want To Be Safe': Sacramento Restaurant Back Open After Man Smashes Front Windows

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento restaurant was back open after a man smashed in the front windows, sending customers inside scurrying.

And that was just round one.

Owners of this Vegan Deadly Sins say the armed man smashed in the windows as customers were eating dinner, he left, and then came back to smash more windows and the front door.

The owners say they're touched by the community's response but are still fearful in their own workplace.

The violent attack was caught on camera. The suspect smashed in the windows right onto the diners.

"I feel so sorry for our customers. I wish I could serve them a better experience than this," one of the owners said.

The suspect was detained and charged, and no one was injured. But one day later, the restaurant still showed serious scars of the vandalism.

Regular customers showed up for lunch Friday unaware of the attack until they saw the boarded-up windows.

"It's rough, it sucks. They're always nice," customer Eddy Harrity said of the owners. "I don't see why anyone would want to do that to them."

One of the owners spoke with CBS13 but asked us not to show her face, fearful and unsure what the suspect's motive was.  She said customers offered to set up a GoFundMe to help support the restaurant's repair.

But, with appreciation, she declined.

"I didn't want customers to fund us," she said. "Let us cook for you. That's already a big support from them"

What she does want is help from the city.

"We just want to be safe. I just want the city to make the community safe for everyone. Every small business," she said.

We looked into police reports for vandalism in downtown Sacramento during the past year. We didn't find any noticeable upticks in reported crime, but the owner says from what she has seen and experienced this year, she doesn't feel safe.

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