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Police: Thief Hid Face With Motorcycle Helmet, But Arm Tattoo Was His Undoing

VACAVILLE (CBS13) - Police say a man stole some security cameras from a Vacaville chiropractor office, but not before getting a clear picture of him.

Vacaville police say, back on Thursday, a man went up the office during the night and grabbed four Ring security cameras.

The man tried to hide his face by using a motorcycle helmet, but it didn't cover everything - especially a distinctive tattoo on his arm, which was captured clearly on camera.

vacaville arrest
Surveillance camera footage of the theft and Riggleman after being arrested. (Credit: Vacaville Police)

Officers looked at the security footage and quickly matched the tattoos to a man they've contacted numerous times in the past, 29-year-old Vacaville resident Tyler Riggleman.

Police say Riggleman was arrested after a traffic stop the next day.

Riggleman had a total of nine outstanding warrants for his arrest, police say, for cases on theft, drugs and possession of stolen property.


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