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Vacaville Power Outage Leaves Seniors Without Power For 4 Days

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Hundreds of residents faced their fourth day without power after their electricity went out on Friday.

Many of the residents say they're getting no information from the owner of the El Matador Mobile Home Park.

No power means no air conditioning for senior citizens, children and those with other health issues.

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"Everybody's hot; everybody's miserable," said Catina Wolett. "It's getting up to about 100-102 on the porch and 80 to 85, sometimes 90 in the house."

It's a situation she worries won't be fixed anytime soon.

"They originally said days, now they're talking a week, maybe two," she said.

Residents say the park's old and poorly maintained electrical transformer blew and they blame the owner, Kris Kahabka of L.D. Flickinger Co. for what they say is his lack of maintenance and concern for the safety of residents.

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Those living here say they've had to fend for themselves.

The property owner did not return our calls, but PG&E tells CBS13 crews went to check on the situation and found the problem is the owner's to fix. Park managers are scrambling to keep up with the resident phone calls.

"We're getting no updates because they haven't found the problem," said park manager Bea Bruno.

Sh says the park has provided generators to those with health concerns, but resident Monica Kirk says she had to borrow one from family.

"My son is 20 and has leukemia, so Saturday morning, I had to take him to VacaValley Emergency because he was overheated, he was dehydrated and vomiting."

Daniel Orta is taking his entire family to work so they can stay cool.

"I've got a 3-month-old baby in the house; we are in unlivable conditions right now," he said.

The Salvation Army handed out food and water to residents on Monday. Residents say they believe the city is now investigating and a lawsuit may be filed.

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