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Vacaville Parishioners Stand By Their Pastor Accused Of New Charges

VACAVILLE (CBS13) - Sunday service was still going strong at Fellowship Baptist Church in Vacaville, despite their pastor being behind bars. No cameras were allowed inside, but we found out they're praying for their pastor despite his arrest, first for arson and now forgery.

Police are accusing Pastor Mark Lewis of some serious sins, including cheating on the very church he leads.

"They're just trying to do anything they can to get him back in jail, and it's so wrong," said Charles Young, a parishioner.

One day after Mark's second round of recent criminal charges, parishioners are cleaning up.

"They kicked door in on the office broke the door jam," said a church usher and bus driver.

Mott, who built this church 30 years ago, says police broke down their doors searching for drugs and paperwork. Police say the church is not a legitimate corporation and has not filed as a non-profit 501C3.

Police say earlier this month Mark and three others were arrested for arson for allegedly trying to burn his ex-girlfriend's house.

"It's getting to a point where they are nitpicking and choosing anything to get him back in jail," said Young.

Now police say Mark fraudulently posted bail after his arson arrest, using corporate information from a church with the same name in Riverside County. The pastor at that church says he's never heard of Mark and had no idea of allegations until investigators called him last week.

"…our pastor and God will prevail," said Mott.

During service tonight, families donated. Mark's uncle, Danny Lewis, who was also recently arrested as a felon, is a church treasurer.

Some former church members refuse to return, but the people who've remained loyal are convinced their pastor has done no wrong.

"He's one of the greatest guys I've ever known," said Young.

No one knows when Mark will be back to this church, but parishioners are still planning for a prayer night on Wednesday and another during Friday and Sunday services. The say the church will go on with or without him.

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