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Third price increase for Forever Stamps in last 17 months

USPS raises costs for shipping services products
USPS raises costs for shipping services products 00:27

Starting Sunday, the price of Forever stamps will rise from 60 to 63 cents. The 4.2% increase was announced by the U.S. Postal Service back in October.

This marks the third price increase of Forever stamps in the past 17 months. It comes amid the agency's "Delivering for America" 10-year plan, designed to create more financial stability, and avoid $160 billion in financial losses by 2030. 

Savers could purchase as many 60-cents Forever stamps as they wanted before the price increase. The postal service will always accept Forever stamps — hence their name — regardless of when they were purchased. 

Prices for domestic postcards will increase from 44 to 48 cents Sunday, and mailing an international letter will cost you 5 cents more, at $1.45. 

The price changes were approved by the USPS Board of Governors.

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