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US Senate: Dianne Feinstein (D) vs. Kevin de León (D)

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Dianne Feinstein on the issues:

"California is home to the largest food and agriculture industry in the nation. Senator Feinstein is working to ensure California remains a worldwide agricultural leader and the state's farmers continue to feed the nation and world." Read more

Drug Caucus
"The Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control has oversight of U.S. counternarcotics policy. The caucus's seven bipartisan members work to combat international narcotics trafficking and reduce domestic drug abuse." Read more

"The economy has improved significantly from the depths of the Great Recession, but Senator Feinstein agrees that too many workers are struggling to find good-paying jobs and too many families are having trouble making ends meet. She supports investments to help create more jobs and comprehensive tax reform to incentivize growth and reduce the deficit." Read more

"Education remains the primary tool to get a good-paying job and support a family. Senator Feinstein believes Washington must do more to improve the quality of K-12 education and increase the affordability of higher education." Read more

"The United States needs a comprehensive, long-term plan to transition to a clean energy economy. Just as California leads the nation in pursuing clean energy, the United States should lead the world." Read more

"California is home to some of the most striking vistas and significant environmental resources in the world—from the incomparable beauty of Lake Tahoe to the rugged landscapes of the Mojave Desert." Read more

Foreign Affairs
"The United States today faces many complex challenges around the world, including instability in the Middle East and rising tensions in East Asia." Read more

Government Waste
One of the great truths about the American people is that we are practical thinkers. We work hard to make money for our families, and we seek out solutions that cut through the binds of ideology and down to the core principles of common sense. I bel... Read more

Health Care
"Americans continue to benefit from new treatments developed by scientists dedicated to understanding and eradicating diseases. Yet for too many people, cost has been an obstacle to receiving needed health care, including essential preventive services. Senator Feinstein supports ongoing efforts to improve access to care, reduce costs for patients and families and make investments in research and disease prevention." Read more

Intelligence Committee
"The Senate Intelligence Committee is responsible for providing oversight of all U.S. intelligence agencies. As a member of the committee, Senator Feinstein regularly reviews intelligence reports, budgets and activities and participates in committee investigations." Read more

Judiciary Committee
"The Judiciary Committee has one of the broadest jurisdictions in the Senate, ranging from criminal justice and immigration issues to antitrust and intellectual property law. As a senior member of the committee, Senator Feinstein is a leader on a number of issues that fall within the committee's jurisdiction." Read more

"California's Gross Domestic Product is an estimated $2.7 trillion, making it the 5th largest economy in the world." Read more

"California is home to nearly 2 million veterans, more than any other state. Senator Feinstein is committed to improving the services provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs." Read more

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Kevin de León on the issues:

"In California I led the fight for Medicare-for-All, and in Washington I will do the same. Getting it done won't be easy, but taking on special interests never is. Today, millions of Americans are vulnerable under the current Republican Administration. Californians need – and deserve – a meaningful discussion about Medicare for All and guaranteeing healthcare access for every American." Read more

Clean Energy
"California has always pushed the innovative envelope. That's what we do: We push ourselves westward, headlong into the future. Whether Washington, D.C. likes it or not, we pull the rest of the country along with us. Now more than ever, our country needs California to press on, to lead us into a golden, verdant future." Read more

Gun Control
"America's gun violence epidemic is a stain on our society. For too long, we've stood by and watched as our elementary schools, churches, and music festivals turn into bloody scenes of violence and terror. Here in the greatest country on earth, we are witnessing unprecedented levels of gun violence and inaction is no longer an option." Read more

Free Public Education
"Promoting affordable plans for community college, vocational schooling, and higher education will help us achieve the best-educated workforce in the world and ensure that our future leaders are given equal opportunity to succeed. This is why as Senator, I will join Senator Kamala Harris and co-sign the College for All Act. California deserves two senators who have the next generation in their forethought. " Read more

Immigration Reform
"In California we celebrate our diversity because we know it is our greatest strength. We did not become leaders in the global economy by closing our borders and refusing to pursue progress. We did it by welcoming difference and recognizing that California is stronger because we live in a nation of immigrants." Read more

"We need leadership in Washington that will push for real marijuana reform like Proposition 64, instead of fomenting unfounded fears about cartels and our kids. It's time to cut a path toward progress and support proposals for comprehensive marijuana legalization like Senator Cory Booker's Marijuana Justice Act. Marijuana should no longer be a Schedule 1 drug. States should no longer have to miss out on important revenue and reform opportunities, and Americans of color should no longer be deprived of their freedom because of outdated federal policy." Read more

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