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Gas Prices Surge Past $5 In California; Sacramento Drivers Feeling The Squeeze

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Fuel prices continue to surge in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine.

Jenni Valovitty is nervous at the pump.

"Obviously, it's going to be heartbreaking," she says. She hasn't filled up her gas tank since last week before gas hit the $5 mark in California.

"$88. Yeah, that's a lot more than I thought it would be," Valovitty said. It usually cost her about $65 to fill up. 

It's a familiar scene at gas stations — the stare at the pump as people anxiously await to see the total costs.

AAA reported yesterday's average for regular in the state was nearly $5.179. On Sunday, it jumped more than 10 cents to $5.288. In Sacramento, the current price for regular is $5.23.

Drivers tell CBS13 they're feeling that squeeze.

"Yesterday, midday, I filled up for $34. I was up probably, if not a quarter of a tank. And, yes, midday — oh, my gosh. I can't," said Peter Bayadovskiy.

The pinch at the pump has people rerouting their plans to stay within budget.

For Shawn Stanley, the self-employed contractor says he'll need to pass the cost of materials to customers and his mileage to stay afloat.

"We're trying our best," Stanley said. "We're definitely watching our pennies on where we spend it, but for the most part, I mean, it's kind of kicking our behind."

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