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Uganda Sponsor Wins Trip To Meet Children

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) - David Levis proudly shows off gifts from Uganda.

"We started off with one and from there it really expanded," said Levis.

What started out as sponsoring one child 12-years-ago has evolved into five children, ranging in age from 6 to 14 years old. The support went for things like education, clean water and even job training.

"Its $28 a month to sponsor a child," said Levis.

It was a TV commercial that led him to the kids. Now Levis holds his family more accountable with finances, prioritizes life better, and has a new found perspective that keeps him on track.

"If I sacrifice Taco Bell once a month for my family, we can sponsor a child," said Levis.

But it was complete luck that allowed him to meet the children he sponsors in person.

"We were able to see most of Uganda going around," said Levis.

It was a nationwide Facebook promotion by ChildFund, encouraging people to like their page, that Levis was one of five people randomly selected for the trip.

"From there we were able to tell our story, why we want to see our children, why we want to participate in this opportunity," said Levis.

He received the most votes by ChildFund's Facebook fans. The prize was an all expense paid five day trip to Uganda.

"All the children we have in Africa are living off $100 or less per year for their families," said Levis.

It was an eye opening experience seeing everything in person.

"We kicked the soccer ball around a little bit, showed them giant frisbees. It was fun to play with them. We had lunch together," said Levis.

The trip was full of excitement and nerves for Levis, difficult to say goodbye, but a heartwarming once in a lifetime experience.

"To see the love and excitement in their eyes that they're real, and I'm real, was the best part of the trip," said Levis.

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