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UC Davis hazing case suspends fraternity from all operations

UC Davis fraternity suspended after hazing allegations
UC Davis fraternity suspended after hazing allegations 02:18

DAVIS — A fraternity at UC Davis is under fire after a student said he was hazed so badly, he had to go to the emergency room.

The fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, can no longer participate in any activities until the investigation into this case is over.

The victim of this hazing incident didn't want to be identified because the investigation into this hazing incident is ongoing and he does not want to jeopardize it in any way.

Instead, we spoke to him and gathered his perspective. He said he joined the fraternity looking for business connections, not these hazing events.

The student said he was rushed to the emergency room last week after he was hazed to a breaking point, and no one took his panic and asthma attack seriously.

The student said he was interested in joining Alpha Kappa Psi after seeing a flyer and noticing that it was a business fraternity. He said he and other pledges were taken up to Nugget Hill above Davis, where they sat in the dark for three hours and were yelled at and blinded by flashlights and weren't allowed to leave. He said the events went too far.

Alpha Kappa Psi is overseen nationally. Their COO Brian Parker, says the fraternity has suspended the UC Davis chapter from all operations effective Monday morning until the investigation is complete and that could take weeks.

UC Davis is aware of the incident as well and says hazing has no place on campus and it is discouraged throughout.

Alpha Kappa Psi does not have a designated building close to campus because they are a business fraternity, unlike the social fraternities we see around. The student says they occasionally use classrooms around campus.

"And maybe he was up for it, just didn't know it would be taken that far," said UC Davis student, Sahiti Bobbala.

But some students like Bobbala say hazing does happen on campus, even though most of it may fly under the radar.

"If he was like going to join in on this frat, he must've known what the culture was like there and that this is something that they like do," she said.

The student says he will speak with us on camera when the time is right, and the investigation is over.

He feels this could've ended better if someone just did the right thing.

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