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U.C. Davis Researchers Claim Supplement Aids Weight Loss

DAVIS (CBS13) — Researchers at U.C. Davis say an herbal supplement may help you lose weight after a recent study.

In the study, people took a pill made up herbs that have been used in India for thousands of years.

When U.C. Davis researcher Judith Stern looked into Lowat, a new herbal weight-loss supplement, she was skeptical.

"Most of these things I just think don't work."

The study gave obese people an herbal pill twice a day, made up of the tropical fruit mangosteen and a flower.

"Nine pounds in eight weeks. That's significant."

Some people we talked to say they are skeptical about the results and weight-loss pills in general.

Stern says losing the nine pounds in two months did include more than just a pill.

"The study included diet, meaning limiting calories and exercise."

Stern says side effects such as headaches and nausea were so random in the study that it wasn't enough to be significant.

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