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Two Arrested In Suisun City For Fake IDs, Drugs, And Gun Charges

SUISUN CITY (CBS13) - Friday night officers arrested two people for various charges, including possession of fake IDs, drugs, and gun charges, said the Suisun City Police Department.

When officers conducted a traffic stop for an obstructed license plate, the passengers provided two fake IDs to the officers.

Officers realized the IDs were fake when they discovered the passenger had taped over a digit on his ID to mask the actual ID number.

Additionally, a loaded firearm was found on the floor behind the passenger seat that was unregistered.

Approximately 3 pounds of marijuana was also found in the vehicle and additional IDs that did not belong to the occupants.

Officers arrested driver Jeanpierre Paynes and passenger Kevin Island on charges of display and possession of fake IDs, mail theft, drug, and gun charges.

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