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School Board Members Say They Were Targeted At Home Over Distance Learning Frustration

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Twin Rivers school board members say they were targeted at their homes, likely by people angry over distance learning.

Board of Trustees Vice President Mike Baker had his car window smashed in and he said he knew it was targeted because he found a note inside the car from someone fed up with distance learning.

Glass is still scattered in front of his home after the incident Tuesday evening. Baker believes someone looked up his address and tracked him down.

"The car window was busted, the driver's side," Baker said.

When he looked inside in the car, he said "there was a note sitting on the passenger seat and the note basically said, 'bring kids back to school'."

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A few hours later on that same night, board member Bob Bastian said he had unwanted visitors at his home. His grandson Jason spotted them from his bedroom window.

"I saw flashlights and it looked like they had something in their hand, maybe like a crowbar or something, maybe they were going to vandalize the car. I don't know," Jason said.

Before they had the chance to strike, Jason said bright security lights in front of the house came on came on and scared them away.

"I'm not sure why they're going after the board members because we have to answer to the county, and we have to answer to the state," said Bob Bastian.

Tensions are running high, with parents and students across the Sacramento region demanding a return to in-person schooling.

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'Everybody's a little frustrated, scared, nervous. Parents are blaming teachers, teachers are blaming parents, parents are blaming the district," Baker said.

Baker said Twin Rivers does not have plans to start in-person schooling right now due to safety concerns and a need for more state guidance.

"I have two kids in the district. I know my kids want to come back but I think we need to wait and make sure everything's safe first," he said.

The board members said that they had not received any threats before these incidents. They were reported to Twin Rivers police and at this time there is no description of the suspects.

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