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'Trimmigrants' Flocking To Nevada County For Marijuana Harvest Jobs

NEVADA CITY (CBS13) — A weed windfall has people flocking to Nevada County, searching for marijuana harvest jobs.

The marijuana harvest season is in full force, and more people are on the streets with more money to spend, but some are saying those profits aren't enough.

Eldryn Tree from Alaska made sure to stop in Nevada City where he says he'll find friends to jam with, but more importantly a job that pays.

Tree works as a trimmer to help clean and ready the marijuana harvest. He's one of dozens of self-name "trimmigrants" coming to work on both legal and illegal pot farms in the county for cash.

Corey Bristow owns a coffee shop in Nevada City and says he sees a noticeable boost in sales when trimmers come looking for work.

"We have the holiday season, we have a bike race that happens in summer, and we have the fall harvest season," he said. "Every season they come, and then they go when it gets cold."

Some residents don't want people like Tree around though, putting up signs accusing people like him of taking jobs from locals who need them.

Nevada County Supervisor Nate Beason says pumped-up profits at bars and restaurants are good, but the county shouldn't just be known for pot production.

"If we want to recruit a high-tech company, they may be given pause, because they know there is a lot of marijuana up here," Beason said, "and if they have young families working for them, it is kinda hard to get them to relocate."

Bristow says he'll continue to welcome workers, as long as they keep spending money and don't cause any problems.


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