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The Toll Of Reopening Timeline: No End In Sight For Area Businesses, Families

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The governor is now saying California may not see an end to this stay at home order for months, not weeks.

More than 50 days in, California is still in what's considered phase one of the governor's four-phase plan. That means if pacing continues, the shelter-in-place order won't be lifted until October.

Now, businesses and families across the area, are feeling both mental and financial fatigue.

"I try not to think about it so much. It can put you down really quickly," said Hugo Cervantes, owner of Cilantros Restaurant.

He says he may not be able to recover from the financial toll the pandemic has taken on his family business.

"I don't think anybody expected something like this. Do I see the light at the end of the tunnel? One day I see it, and the next day something in the news pops up that's negative," he said.

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During the day, Marly McBride is on the front lines of fighting COVID-19, as a nurse, a stressful job in itself.

"Lots of stress coming from all over," she said.

It's something she tries not to bring home to her four kids. At the same time, for more than a month, she's been a teacher, through distance learning.

"It has taken a toll financially," she said.

She says, buying supplies to teach her kids at home, including activities to keep them focused is expensive.

Now she's back at work, and she needs a nanny. Both she and her husband are "essential" workers.

"I'm just really sad for the kids overall," she said.

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Sacramento County Behavioral Health Director Ryan Quist says the feelings are normal.

"We're hearing that people are experiencing higher anxiety and depression," said Quist.

He says there has been a rise in mental health crisis calls to law enforcement, and everyone is feeling anxiety, financially and emotionally.

"It's not if you feel stressed, it's when you feel stressed. Everybody is going to feel this and it's really important we all proactively plan for when we feel that way," he said.

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