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Boy, 8, Hailed A Hero After Discovering Baby Sister Unresponsive In Pool

PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — An 8-Year-Old Placerville boy is being hailed a hero after getting help when he found his baby sister floating in the family pool.

A locked gate blocks off the Conboy's pool now after mom Diana had the scare of her life.

"It's kind of a blur to me because it seemed like the timing was forever, but I'm sure it was just minutes," Diana told CBS13.

Her 8-year-old son, Tino, was playing with his little sister Cami when he noticed it was quiet. He looked up and Cami was out of the house.

"I looked at the pool and then I saw Cami in there," said Tino. "I said, 'Mom!'"

It was Tino's blood-curdling scream that caught Diana's attention.

"She (Cami) couldn't move her muscles. She couldn't move anything, not even her eyes," said Tino.

Diana, who is also a nurse, got Cami out of the pool started CPR and told Tino to call 911.

"That's when she was able to throw up and start breathing. That's when I saw signs of life," said Diana.

It's all thanks to Tino's scream, a scream he says he learned from Cami.

"Basically Cami gave her power to me and then that's how I had the power to scream and then Mom came over and jumped in and got Cami out," said Tino. "I thought she was brave that she just went in so that she could save her daughter."

"I'm just so impressed with him. He was so calm and collected. He called 911, gave them our address, and told them to get here immediately," said Diana.

All eyes are on Cami now. The Conboy's call the incident their second chance.

"It was definitely the beginning of the worse day of my life but ended with the best day of our lives," said Diana.

They had the fence put up around the pool within days, but Diana hopes it sends a message to everyone to also learn CPR.

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