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Thomas The Puppy Finally Up For Adoption

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Thomas the puppy is finally up for adoption at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter in Sacramento.

He's described as loving people and "in his gangly teenage years."

A woman brought the pit bull mix into the shelter in March with a severe skull fracture, brain trauma, and a blind eye. An X-ray revealed a 1.5-centimeter gash in his skull. Veterinarians determined he was beaten with a blunt force object and left to die on Peck Drive and Harley Way near Florin Road in South Sacramento.

"He looked really bad, he couldn't walk he could barely wimpier, he wasn't eating," said Janna Haynes with the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

In his first few days at the shelter, he was unable to move and whimpered in his kennel. He underwent a number of surgeries at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and has made a nearly full recovery.

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

Thomas is blind in one eye, but a post on Bradshaw Animal Shelter's Facebook page says the blindness doesn't bother or compromise him.

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

His post on describes him as "I am one very special nugget who experienced life threatening brain trauma, but thanks to the community I survived and am ready to move on and be a fun-loving silly family pet!  I am a puppy still, so play, and fun is my life right now, and of course snuggles."

"He's been cleared by UC Davis to go to a forever home," said Haynes. "Right now you'd never know he had brain trauma if you just met him," she said.

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

The six-month-old is currently in a foster home and is happily living with another dog. The post says, "he would very much enjoy a canine companion in his new home."

Thomas is crate-trained and is in the process of being house-trained. He already knows several commands: sit, down, watch me.

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Applicants are reminded Thomas is still growing and is expected to hit 70 or 80 pounds.

The shelter is accepting applications and wants interested dog parents to know "He remains in foster care through this process, so he is NOT at the shelter. Adopters will be screened and assessed based on Thomas' needs. Please be patient after you submit your application, as we are expecting there to be many."

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

Thomas was able to have life-saving craniotomy surgery after Bradshaw Animal Shelter raised $10,000 in donations in a matter of hours. Community members donated more than enough for his surgery and the extra donations went toward his aftercare. Money was also placed in the "Thomas the Puppy Fund" to help other dogs.

He was released from the hospital in late March.

Credit: Bradshaw Animal Shelter

A reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of his abuser.


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