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Thieves Bring Sobering Reality To Fairfield School's Safe Grad Night

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — Thieves broke into storage sheds at Armijo High School and stole gifts meant for students' sober grad night.

Six sheds with a couple of thousand dollars worth of items were broken into and raided.

It was a sobering reality for a group that prides itself on promoting keeping teens safe on their graduation night.

Sometime in the last week, someone broke into the sheds stealing a cotton candy dispenser, a microwave, and a fog machine among other things. They also busted up other items.

"It goes beyond the vandalism and the stealing of things," said Audrey Jaques. "It steals something from your heart, your soul. It's a lot of work."

Volunteers are now left with a sobering thought.

"It just means we're going to work a bit harder now to recoup what we've lost. We'll have a few extra fundraisers," said Lori Russell.

The grad night is still set for June.


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