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'They're Incredible': People Visit Drained Folsom Lake After Super Bloom Pops Up In Its Place

GRANITE BAY ( CBS13) - Folsom Lake doesn't look like much of a lake right now. A dry season drained the lake, but what popped up in its place has people in awe.

The Glass family went to the right spot. Purple lupine now blankets the paths at Beeks Bight along the lake in Granite Bay.

"I like all the water and the flowers. I'm going to call it the sea of purple," said Josylyn Glass.

That sea of purple comes after a dry season left low water levels.

"It's just beautiful being out in nature and to enjoy it especially with everything getting back to normal. So it's nice that we get to travel and to the parks now," said Amanda Nguyen.

What was once a full Folsom Lake is now overflowing with waves of wildflowers, but it's still making a perfect backdrop for photographers like Mackenzie Ripple.

"They're incredible. They're so dense out. Honestly, I think this year is the densest for lupine," said Ripple.

"So I had like a tiny hint that there was purple. But I honestly never was expecting this," said Kelsey Murphy.

Murphy was one of the many at Folsom Lake for a special-occasion photo shoot. She brought her groom-to-be.

"I was really nervous before, but I feel like they're going to turn out really well," said Alex Rehermann.

From engagement photos to family pictures or beauty shots, with everyone posting on social media word got around and out came the crowds.

"I saw the videos and I said we have to go today right now. And I pulled my neighbor and I said hey let's throw the kids in the car and let's check it out," Cherylyn Mazzaferro.

"We're all dreading tomorrow for Monday. We may as well get one more fun day in, right?" said Zachery Alexander.

Most of the area is usually covered in water which is most likely what made the flowers extra brilliant this year. The super bloom is only expected to last a couple of weeks. There's a $12 entry fee to the park.

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