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'These People Came Into His Residence': Yolo County Homeowner Shoots Home Intruders, Killing 1

GUINDA (CBS13) - A burglary in Yolo County didn't go as planned for intruders.

Two people attempted to break into a house just north of Guinda when the armed homeowner shot them. One suspect died the other survived.

The Yolo County Sheriff's Office said the homeowner saw headlights in his driveway Tuesday night.

"He did not go out to confront these people. He stayed in the house, and eventually, these people came into the residence," said Lt. Gary Hallenbeck with the Yolo County Sheriff's Office.

The intruders didn't see it coming.

"The homeowner ended up firing his weapon at them," Lt. Hallenbeck said. "On face value, it points to that self-defense side."

Hallenbeck said the homeowner was already on edge Tuesday night.

"He had been gone a couple days and he realized there had been a break-in at his house, where a firearm had been stolen from his residence," he said.

Investigators say it's unclear if the same suspects committed both burglaries.

When first responders flooded this small town road, the homeowner was cooperating with deputies.

"It does happen, but to the point of where someone is actually shot is a little [rarer]," Hallenbeck said.

And what's even rarer is the homeowner pulling the trigger.

"You're taking the life of somebody. It's a decision the homeowner had to make and a decision he's going to have to live with," Hallenbeck said.

The sheriff's office warns residents that if you are going away or leaving your house empty for a period of time, it helps to have neighbors looking out for each other and to make your home look as lived-in as possible.

We're told both suspects have extensive criminal records. The male involved died and the female is in custody.

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