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These New Homes Aren't For Sale In Roseville

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The city of Roseville is the spot where a new trend is showing up in the housing development arena, brand new homes not for sale, but for rent.

It's a trend that's taking place in other areas of the country but said to be a first in Northern California.

A concept that's still a bit confusing for some renters, according to Dan Ferguson, who runs the property management company.

"We're not selling them, we're leasing them, and they go; I've never heard about that," he said.

It's a brand new development where homes are not for sale.

"All new, kind of a great experience, otherwise you have to buy new to live in it," says housing expert Doug Bayless.

Prices are competitive he says with current rates.

"All of our rental prices are under $2,500 a month," says Ferguson.

Rents range from $2000 for a three-bedroom up to $2,500 for a four-bedroom, three-bath.

They come with all new granite counters, stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and no extra cost for weekly landscaping.

"Home prices are going up, the rents are going up so much in the last few years, that creates a new rental opportunity."

It's an opportunity especially intriguing for certain consumers who may have been turned off by the last housing bubble.

Main Street Roseville is already 80 percent sold from those homes completed. More are on the way for a total of 65.

The property management company says it is already fielding phone calls from other developers interested in becoming part of this new trend.

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