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'There Needs To Be More': Sacramento City Leaders To Decide On Extension Of Alley Closures To Curb Crime

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Locked gates and public notices. Several back alleys and side streets have been closed off for a year around the South Sacramento area to curb crime.

"We've seen it all back there," said Allison Doyle. "People living, people shooting up, prostitution, all of it.

Doyle doesn't want that in her neighborhood, an area in Colonial Heights full of families with small children.

City leaders approved the closures of more than 60 alleys and streets, but the closures were supposed to be temporary – less than two years – and that time is up.

"I want it locked. I don't want nothing violent over here," said David Lehman. "We...have no problems and we've been here two years. We ain't have no problems."

Lehman keeps a close eye on his grandson in Oak Park. While the alleys are blocked off to prevent crime including vandalism, illegal dumping, and burglaries, city leaders will decide this week whether or not to keep them closed off longer.

"I mean, if it's going to keep us safe, yeah, I want them to lock it, hell yeah," Lehman said.

"Homeless people need a place to stay, we get that but the problems we were having were drug use, IV drug use, prostitution that was going on back there," said Johnny Flores.

A locked gate and signage - an attempt to curb crime - but parents like Doyle call it a temporary fix, wanting to see a long-term solution.

"It's a decrease, yes, if you want to just look at that but no. There needs to be more, there needs to be follow up there needs to be a personal connection," Doyle said. "These are human beings that we're talking about that need attention."

City leaders have to take several things into consideration before shutting a side street down, including impacts on safety and traffic in surrounding neighborhoods. City leaders are expected to consider extending the closure of 64 side streets on Tuesday.

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