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The Grant Napear Show - October 12, 2012

Today on the Grant Napear Show, there was talk of the upcoming week in the NFL, as well as the MLB playoffs. Grant talked about the New York Yankees, San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants. He took calls about locks and upsets for week 6 in the NFL, as well as people's thoughts on the Oakland Athletics' season. Grant interviewed James Johnson, Austin Collie, Joe Buck and Bob Papa.

Sacramento Kings' Forward James Johnson joined Grant to discuss the Kings and their upcoming season. James discussed the Kings coaching staff and what they need to do to compete this year. He also discussed playing in Toronto and how his career has progressed. Finally, he talked about the importance of having confidence from a coaching staff and getting acclimated with his new teammates.

Austin Collie of the Indianapolis Colts was on with Grant to discuss the Indianapolis Colts and their season so far. Austin talked about his injury struggles, how the Colts got underestimated and where he currently sits as far as recovery for his knee injury. Austin and Grant also discussed Andrew Luck.

Joe Buck from Fox Sports joined Grant today to talk about the MLB postseason and week 6 in the NFL. Joe discussed his possible hectic schedule, the San Francisco Giants' comeback against the Reds and their upcoming matchup against either the Washington Nationals or St. Louis Cardinals. Joe also discussed the 49ers and New York Giants matchup, as well as Kevin Gilbride and Jim Harbaugh's war of words prior to their game on Sunday.

Voice of the New York Giants, Bob Papa was on with Grant to talk about the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants game coming up on Sunday. Bob talked about the Giants' defensive struggles this year and the 49ers' revamped offense. Grant and Bob also talked about Kevin Gilbride, Justin Smith and gave their predictions on who would win.

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