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The Grant Napear Show - August 30, 2012

Today on the Grant Napear Show, Grant discussed the upcoming NFL season, as well as NBA basketball as training camps get ready to start up. Grant took calls about the Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants, Sacramento Kings, Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. Grant interviewed Isaiah Thomas, Greg Papa and Tom Flores.

Isaiah Thomas from the Sacramento Kings joined Grant today to talk about the upcoming NBA season. Grant and Isaiah first discussed Isaiah's favorite NFL team, and how he feels now that he has graduated from the University of Washington. Isaiah also talked about taking on a leadership role for the Kings, getting the whole team together during the Summer for a workout, and what adjustments will need to be made as he enters his second season of NBA action. Finally, Isaiah talked about how he stacks up with the game's best point guards, his relationship with Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry, as well as the Washington Huskies and their upcoming football season.

Oakland Raiders' radio voice Greg Papa was on with Grant today to talk about the Raiders as the season draws closer. Greg discussed how Carson Palmer is continuing to adjust to the offense, as well as who he thinks will win the AFC West and how the Raiders stack up with the rest of the division. Grant and Greg also talked about Miles Burriss, Rolando McClain and the rest of the Raiders' linebacking corps. Greg finished by discussing what the Raiders' final roster will look like, and what changes will come with a new coaching staff and front office.

Raiders' broadcaster Tom Flores joined Grant today to talk about the Oakland Raiders. Tom talked about the Raiders' final preseason game in Seattle and what the team will be looking for in the final tune up game before the regular season. He also discussed what the final roster will look like and how the team stacks up against the rest of the NFL as they face San Diego in week one of the NFL season.

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