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The Don Geronimo Show - November 12, 2012

Don begins the day by telling us that Drew Hoffar joining the show has been delayed at least a few days, but he should be here later this week. He then tells us about his conversation with the writer whose interested in writing a Lifetime movie about his life. After discussing the Gen. David Petraeus scandal, and BiPolar Mary's tweets over the weekend, Don tells us about his weekend, which included seeing the movie "Flight" on Friday, and the annoying fat people with their demented old mom, who brought beer and candy, and talked throughout the movie. We then hear about having dinner with the Phantoms on Saturday night, before Don gives his Veterans Day tribute, playing clips from Patton, Vietnam news reels, and phone video footage from Afghanistan, and voicing his appreciation for all American vets everywhere.

We then get a visit from our good friend, FOX broadcaster Mike Pereira. Mike talks about the controversial calls in yesterday's games, including Dallas vs. Philly, and San Francisco vs. St. Louis.
After Mike, the guys debate who was better, Andrew Dice Clay, or Sam Kinison, and then hear a few clips, including Chris Brown's Rihanna update, a CNN reporter ripping Jonah Hill, and a guy in India cuts off his tongue after his wife leaves him. Don then calls England to find out about the "World's Biggest Liar" contest that happens Thursday, and then it's time for the "Phantom News Hour." Today, among the stories: Def Leppard will play Vegas' Hard Rock in March, Canadian hotels are as nasty as American hotels, and getting hit in the crotch is more common than you think. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

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