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The Don Geronimo Show - March 6, 2013

The day begins with Don and Slow Joe, and why they love living in California so much. Don then tells us why he could care less about Hugo Chavez dying, and we get a quick synopsis of his meeting Don had with G.M. Steve yesterday, and why he's still confused. The guys then dive into the tragedy involving a senior living home that refused to help an 87 year old woman who had collapsed. The guys hear the infuriating 911 call and discuss for nearly an hour everything that is wrong with this situation.

After hearing that TSA will start allowing people to bring small pocket knives on planes, and Don tells us about a botched robbery attempt at Dunkin Donuts. We then get another visit from our good buddy Dennis Hof. Dennis calls in with his girl Krissy Summers, and Krissy tells us about an email she received regarding a "Dennis Murphy" party at the Bunny Ranch. Two minutes later Dennis Murphy calls in! Hof also offers Miss Teen Delaware $250K to work at the Bunny Ranch, and Don gives Hof an idea involving Murphy and the Octomom!

After another Phone Scan, it's time for the "Phantom News." Today, "The Bible" on the History Channel had 13 million viewers, "Duck Dynasty" doubles their season premiere ratings, Jon Stewart taking a leave of absence from "The Daily Show" to work on a movie, and a real life Batman turns a criminal in to police! And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

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