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The Don Geronimo Show - March 18, 2013

The big guy Doni G is on vacation, so the rest of the guys will be running the asylum all week! The day starts with a recap of our St. Paddy's Day Show on Friday at the Boxing Donkey, and all the fun we had with the listeners that day. We also hear about Little Joe's Friday night date with his daughter, Drew's party Saturday, and the apologizing he had to do to people the next day, and Craig's blur of a St. Patrick's Day weekend. The guys then get into some of their best vacation stories, as well as their craziest drunken moments, before hearing Kathie Lee say she doesn't shave her pubes, and that Lil Wayne is still in the hospital.

After getting into an extensive discussion about what current celebrities would leave the biggest legacies if they were to die right now, the guys argue over whether or not Jimi Hendrix would've been as huge as Sinatra if he had lived longer, and then the guys jump into another Rotating Random Phone Scan. We then hear a clip of Justin Timberlake rapping with Jimmy Fallon, and Ricky Gervais on the British version of "The Office," before talking about their favorite comedians, and going right into the "Phantom News." Today, the band Heart has announced a new tour, Carnie Wilson has Bell's Palsy, Bill & Ted 3 is in the making, and Taylor Swift made $57 million last year. And of course, the show wraps up with a caller 100!

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