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The Don Geronimo Show - February 21, 2013

Don starts the day with a report that there are pics of a dead Christopher Dorner being shopped around, and they're gruesome. This gets the guys looking at a few gnarly websites, including After discussing what exactly a goitre is, and Don plays another voice mail from the same listener on the fan site, we hear about the Don and Mike CD-ROM game, and Don plays a video of a horse getting a massive zit popped. This makes Drew puke, and somehow gets Don talking about the Episcopal church he used to belong to.

We then hear that Ron Jeremy is out of the hospital, before Don reads a list of Oscar winners who have disappeared off the planet, and tells us about the "Animal House" documentary he saw on A & E the other day. We then have another epic phone scan, as the guys rip Don when he says he would make a good Tony Soprano. We then get a visit from East Coast Bob, who talks with Don about the bashing he's been doing on Twitter about the Sacramento Kings, and the backlash he's gotten from Kings fans.

We also hear a few clips, including a 500 lb man who, while in a wheelchair, started a fire in a Wal Mart, in an attempt to shoplift, an L.A. hotel that had a dead body in its water tank, a Jewish kid's Bar Mitzvah rap invitation, and the band Paytax's new video, which features a woman's rear end being played like drums. It's then time for the "Phantom News." Among the stories today, Patton Oswalt will make an appearance on "Parks & Recreation," Seth MacFarlane has a singing/dancing number to close out the Oscars, and Scary Spice will be a judge on the new season of "America's Got Talent." And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

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