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Technology Gives Plastic Surgery Patients A Better Idea Of How Their Nip And Tuck Will Look

FOLSOM (CBS13) — If you're a little nervous about that nip and tuck, there's a high-tech device designed to ease your fears.

Inside the Aesthetic Artistry surgical and medical center in Folsom, Dr. David Kaufman studies his window to the future before walking through the operating room door.

The click and peak of what his nip and tuck should look like comes before work on a 30-year-old woman who wants her nose and chin done.

The Vectra 3D imaging shows a patient how they may look after surgery. The machine also provides a side-by-side before and after.

Even though the system has been around a few years, the Folsom office is one of just a few in all of Northern California where you can find one in use.

Part of it is because of expense, but it does take the guessing game out of how things could turn out.

Kaufman uses it for nose jobs, chin implants and breast augmentation procedures where he can show a patient what she might look like in an after-surgery bikini post.

"Here's what they look like from the side, here's what they look like from the front, if you want to get a sense of what you might look like at the beach, this is what it looks like laying down," he said.

The system gives patients results they're pleased with, and it takes more than just a little off the top of a makeover mystery.

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