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Search For Bear Injured In Tamarack Fire Continues After Wildlife Rescue Escape

LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — Tamarack the bear is the talk of the town. The injured cub recovering at a South Lake Tahoe wildlife rescue escaped and now several agencies are working together to track the baby cub down.

"He was able to get out of his enclosures and we're not quite sure yet how that all happened," said Susan Strating, Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care president.

The cub was recovering after his paws burned in the Tamarack Fire south of Lake Tahoe. He was rescued weeks ago and got his name from the blaze.

"Everyone needs to come together as a community and help this little guy," said Lisa Murray, a South Lake Tahoe visitor.

The multi-agency search includes police, sheriff's deputies, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

"This is a little guy. He's only 28 pounds. He's quite young, quite small," Strating said. "He's likely to be hiding in some pretty small spaces."

It's unlikely you'll spot the cub during the day. Strating says he's probably sleeping when the sun's up.

"We're working with a tracker with infrared equipment so we can go out at night and see if we can find him," she said.

Officials know he's cute but warn if you do see him, you can look but you can't touch.

"Please let us know if you see him. Please don't approach him if you do see him so he's not scared away," Strating said.

Tamarack the bear was last seen wearing wraps on his burned paws, though he doesn't like them and may have pulled them off.

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care has put food out around their facility in hopes that the bear will be attracted to the smell. If you do spot the cub, you are asked to contact law enforcement immediately.

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