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'Swifties' Swarm Sleep Train Arena For Taylor Swift's Only Northern California Show

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Taylor Swift shared her heartbreak with Sacramento on Tuesday at her only northern California stop.

There were screams for a country crossover star.

"She's amazing, she writes all her own songs."

"She seems really nice, her music is really good."

Taylor Swift—the sugary pop star—is one of the biggest selling artists in the past decade, making her way to northern California, but this time only coming to Sacramento. Which means fans are coming to her.

"Anderson California."

"We're from San Francisco."

"We're from Brentwood."

"We're from San Jose."

And as she belted out her hits on this Red Tour stop, businesses are seeing nothing green.

"I love her too much, like way way too much."

This group of girls came with their parents from San Francisco—they like hundreds are spending the night.

"So we booked this room in advance, but we were looking for another room last minute and they're completely sold out all over."

These three hotels closest to Sleep Train were sold out on a weekday.

"It's good for business, it's good for the community, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, you know everything."

But why Sacramento?

"They sell her records, and when they come here they go crazy for her, we're going back to Sacramento. I'm sure her management team says that every year."

A city still able to grab a huge current artist, even with what some would call a venue past it's prime. Perhaps foreshadowing what could to be coming downtown.

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