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Suspect In Burglary Of Oak Park Non-Profit Caught On Video

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - An alleged burglary suspect was caught on camera, and the building owner is determined to catch him.

"[You're] Sacramento's stupidest burglar and we're going to get you. It's a matter of time, but we're coming for you," said Ardell Harrison, owner of Inner City Outreach.

The crimes are taking place on 35th Street near Broadway. In Harrison's surveillance video, you can see and hear what happens next. The door is forced open.

"There he is! Now he takes the camera and pushes it up to the wall," said Harrison.

Harrison says his Oak Park building has been hit several times.

"It's a group. We got to find these guys and we have to get them," he said.

Surveillance video of a burglar. (Credit: Ardell Harrison)

He has a ring of cameras around the building, and apparently, the alleged burglars know it. Harrison says he's turned over previous videos to police of suspects breaking in, but no one has been arrested.

In this latest video, you see the suspect take what looks like a pitchfork and push the camera out the way.

"But the reflection is still showing him moving on the inside," said Harrison.

He then steps out of view and appears to force his way through an inner door.

"So he gets in there and leaves all his fingerprints," said Harrison.

Harrison believes it's a team of criminals.

"He took a pitchfork and he started banging and banging and jamming it here and eventually the door came loose and opened up," he said.

The suspect walks by another security camera.

"He just basically came in here, took a cart, loaded up what he wanted to load up and rolled down the street with it," said Harrison.

Harrison plans to turn this final video over to police.

No arrests have been made in the case.

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