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Survey: Americans Use Email 6 Hours A Day

SAN JOSE, Calif. (CBS Sacramento) -- A new survey finds that Americans are addicted to email.

Adobe Systems reveals that people use email six hours a day and more than 30 hours a week.

"Nine of 10 respondents say they check personal email at work and work email from home. More than one third report having multiple personal accounts," the survey said.

Seventy percent of Americans said they most commonly check their email while watching television. Fifty-two percent said they check while they're in bed, 50 percent said while on vacation, 43 percent while on the phone, 42 percent while using the bathroom and 18 percent while driving.

Millennials are the more frequent users of email than any other age group. One-third surveyed by Adobe said they use emojis to communicate with managers or senior executives.

Americans, though, do realize that they spend too much time on email. Adobe found that 24 percent check their email "way too much" and that 40 percent go on self-imposed "email detox" programs on an average of five days.

Adobe surveyed more than 400 white collar workers.

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