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Surveillance Video Shows 11-Year-Old's Bike Stolen From Outside Elk Grove McDonald's

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A bike burglary was caught on surveillance video as an 11-year-old's prized possession was stolen.

The bike was a gift from Bryan Garcia's mom and was something he said he worked hard to earn by bringing his grades up. But less than two weeks later, it was stolen.

The 11-year-old got his dream bike 12 days ago.

"Sometimes the seat is lowered so it doesn't get in your way if you do tricks in the air," he said.

But on Wednesday, that dream was shattered when his bike was stolen.

"I flipped it over so the handle bars were right here and then the rest of it was laying right there," he said.

Bryan and his cousins were riding around an Elk Grove park. He says they got hungry and stopped by a McDonald's. Surveillance video from outside the restaurant shows Bryan leaving his bike inside.

Next, a man appears—at first his black car with red stripes is parked in frame. But he returns on foot, grabbing the bike and then riding away.

It was only eight minutes from when Bryan leaves his bike outside to the moment it's gone and the video shows him walking into the parking lot, dumbfounded, looking around for any clue.

"I worked hard to save up for the bike and it's not right," said his mother Florita Duran.

She had saved more than $400 to buy the bike.

"Please return my son's bike," she said. "That was his reward for working hard."

A police report was filed, and the family is hoping anyone who recognizes the man in the surveillance video or the bike will come forward.

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