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Surveillance Video Released In Midtown Robbery Near Christmas

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Sacramento police on Tuesday released some surveillance video of a frightening moment for a couple out in midtown.

After a string of shootings and robberies between December and January, people in midtown are concerned, and the video shows you why.

"I want you to keep looking right here," the suspect says as he orders the couple to get down to the ground.

As he walks around them, he tells them what to do, then takes a wallet and the victims' cell phones. After the suspect appears to get what he wants, the two leave in one direction, the robber in the other.

You can't see his face in the video, but police are hoping someone recognizes his mannerisms and the sound of his voice.

This frightening moment happened just a few days before Christmas in the area of 26th and H streets.
Susan Philip owns a salon in midtown. Concerned for her safety, her husband drives her to and from work every day.

"The fear factor is huge because it's so dark down here," she said.

"Imagine if my wife Susan was down here by herself and locking up the salon," husband Breck Philip said. "Even if her car was right out front, she has to get from here to her car."

Now everyone hopes what these cameras caught will lead police to catch a criminal.

"It scares me to death," Susan said.

After a community meeting earlier this month, police told us that they feel they have an upper hand on what's been going on in midtown.

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