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Study Reveals Californians' Favorite Halloween Candy

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — Are you planning to give candy on Halloween? If you live in California, a new survey suggests offering up Life Savers if you want your house to be the most popular among trick-or-treaters.

Influenster, a social media website for shoppers, asked 40,000 of its users about their favorite candy, and released a colorful map showing each state's top choice.

The top Halloween candies by state. (Image credit Influenster)

In California, Life Savers received the most votes. Nevada likes Jolly Ranchers, while Arizona goes for Toblerone, and Oregon likes good ol' Candy corn.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups turned out to get the highest number of votes across the country, with Kit Kats and Butterfingers also proving popular.

Influenster notes that the candy that was chosen in the most number of states is one of the more controversial Halloween treats: Candy corn.

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