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Stray Bullet Leaves Holes In Sacramento Resident's Home

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento woman was shocked when she woke up on New Year's Eve to a bullet hole in her kitchen window.

natalie serdiuk
Natalie Serdiuk shows where the bullet entered her Sacramento home.

Natalie Serdiuk says the bullet flew straight through her kitchen.

"This is where the bullet went. That's the one that made a lot of noise. It shattered the blinds. If you look at the opposite wall right here. So this is where it went," Serdiuk said.

Serdiuk says she was nearly standing in the line of fire if only that morning she'd woken up on time.

"This is usually where I make my coffee. Five a.m. I'm normally right here and it could have flew right above my head," she said.

The Sacramento Police Department did find empty shell casings near her home. They say bullets were likely fired from across the street and one of them strayed into Serdiuk's kitchen.

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"I was inside my home. What is supposed to be my safety," she said.

Serdiuk is new to Sacramento and says she's had an explosive 2020.

"It's been tough. When I moved here I fractured my ankle on the same day, during the move," she said.

And she's not surprised by it's ending.

"Goodbye 2020, but still not leaving, still here, still throwing the last thing and it's a bullet in your house," Serdiuk said.

But she won't let it scare her away in fact she'd like to remember the moment forever.

"I want to believe that this is not going to repeat. I'm going to put a little frame around and put a piece of glass and write 2020 on it because it's such a memorable year right up to the last minute of it," she said.

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