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Animals Lost After Strong Sacramento Storm, Turning to Shelters For Help

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - This week's strong storm knocked down fences across the region and made it easy for some pets to escape. Now they're winding up lost or in local shelters.

"All we want is Kenny back," said Candy Hall, her dog Kenny escaped through a part of a fence behind her shed Wednesday morning.

"Part of our fence blew down and we didn't know it," Hall said. "He just fit through there easily."

She's plastered lost dog posters across the Antelope area and shared Kenny's photo across all social media lost pet groups and other websites. She checks animal shelters daily. Her friends and family have gathered a hefty $2,000 reward if anyone finds him and returns him.

But they're not the only ones likely looking for their lost pets. At Sacramento County's Bradshaw Animal Shelter, there's been nearly a 30% increase in stray dogs coming in since the storm.

"We've seen a lot of fences getting blown over," said Allison Harris, a public information officer for the county. "Lots of dogs and cats getting out unfortunately."

At Front Street Animal Shelter, staff say they saw an initial increase directly after the storm that has since tapered off. But they've still successfully reunited dogs and their families, like Chai Lee and his dog, Cassie.

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She made a run for it when his fence blew down in the winter weather. His family is thrilled to have her home once again.

"She came running up to me," Lee said. "We all missed her dearly when she was gone."

Hall hopes for that same happy ending.

"I love him like my kids," she said, one of many trying to find her pup and bring them home safe and sound.

Front Street Animal Shelter is waiving all fees for any lost pets found after the storm until Wednesday.

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