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Pair Arrested In Elk Grove After Officers Find Stolen Mail In Car

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Officers have arrested a man and woman who were spotted driving suspiciously around an Elk Grove neighborhood for multiple fraud charges.

The incident happened early Friday morning. Elk Grove police say an officer spotted a car driving slowly around the Fallbrook area.

At some point, the car stopped near mailbox. However, once the occupants noticed the officer, the car took off.

The officer quickly pulled the car over for an alleged vehicle code violation. Officers say the driver identified herself using the name of a relative, but police later discovered her real name – 31-year-old Elizabeth Nguyen – and discovered she had an active warrant out for her arrest.

Officers say Nguyen was carrying a debit card that didn't belong to her. Mail from at least three different people from outside the Fallbrook area, another stolen debit card, and a window punch were also discovered after officers searched the car.

Nguyen and a passenger who was with her, 42-year-old Dustin Le, were arrested and are now facing numerous fraud charges.

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