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Stockton teen ensures seniors are staying warm and unforgotten during holiday season

Stockton teen is ensuring seniors are not forgotten this holiday season
Stockton teen is ensuring seniors are not forgotten this holiday season 01:51

STOCKTON - A Stockton teen is making sure folks' feet stay warm and colorful by bringing her signature Silly Socks to those who might feel forgotten this holiday season. 

Elle Gianelli, 17, is a junior in high school, but she's friends with all the seniors. And no, not the ones you're thinking of.

"I'm a grandma's girl, I love love love my nana," Gianelli said.

She was just a seventh grader when she created Socks 4 Seniors, sending Silly Socks to local nursing and assisted living facilities.

The goal is to bring some color and fun to these seniors' feet. 

"It is kind of funny to see their reactions in the facility because they'll be like, 'Do you have any black ones or any plain ones?' And then we're like, 'We're the exact opposite of black or grey or plain,'" Gianelli said.

Four years later, she's sent socks to 92 facilities across 48 states, making several PenPals along the way.

She knows the holiday season can be tough on these nursing home residents. 

"I know they have Toys for Tots and things for kids you know and you always seem to forget about seniors," Gianelli said. 

As she prepares her shipments of socks this holiday season, she's hoping to show them that someone cares. 

"Maybe they don't have family or maybe they live super far away and they're only getting like a postcard," she said. 

As these seniors' toes stay warm in the wintertime, they'll know they have a family member in sweet 17-year-old Gianelli. 

Gianelli is working to take the project to all 50 states and pick up even more PenPals along the way. She has a goal of raising $10,000 on her GoFundMe page. 

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