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Stockton Police Training Officer Accidentally Shot By Rookie Officer

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton police officer is recovering after being accidentally shot by a fellow officer during a training exercise.

It happened on the 2300 block of North Wilson Way at a tow yard police were using as a training ground for new officers. Stockton police say during the tow yard training exercise a rookie officer accidentally discharged their weapon, hitting a training officer.

The following dispatch audio describes the first reports of the shooting:

Dispatcher: "...attention all cars... receiving a report of a 9-11 officer-involved...Anderson Tow...20-51..."

Dispatcher: "...units to break in response...Channel one..."

Responding officers arriving at the tow yard found fellow police already using the location in a field training program.

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Officer: "...nobody else come up code three...can we get clarification on the OIS please...."

Dispatcher: "...we're trying to get that now..."

Officer: "...there's no outstanding suspect at this time..."

Dispatcher: "...copy no outstanding suspect..."

Officer: "'s going to be a GSW to the left shoulder...officer's alert and conscious..."

Officer: "...this was a training accident..."

Jake Knutson was working across the street from the tow yard and watched what he described as a massive police presence outside the business.

"It was intense," Knutson said. "I figured it was, somebody got killed, somebody was running from the police."

Live ammunition in police training exercises is typically only used at shooting ranges.

"I definitely didn't think it was an officer shooting another officer, on accident of course," Knutson said.

Stockton police say there was no body camera video of this incident and the officer will be OK.

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