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Four Boys - One As Young As 10-Years-Old - Arrested After Vandalism At Stockton Mall Amid George Floyd Protests

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Two separate George Floyd protests took place in Stockton on Sunday and at least eight people were arrested, authorities said.

Four minors were among those arrested after the Stockton Police Department said they vandalized a store in the Sherwood Mall on Sunday.

Police said the four boys – ages 10, 12, 12 and 16 – threw a Razor Scooter through a window at Home Goods at Sherwood Mall on Sunday evening.

The department did not say if this was directly related to the George Floyd protests underway in the city.

Four other people were arrested after police responded to a Walmart being looted on Trinity Way. Arrested were one adult male and three minors, police said.

Police said a large amount of protestors were in the downtown area as of Wednesday night.

Earlier in the day, a group of a dozen juveniles smashed the windows to the Weberstown mall in Stockton and vandalized three stores, authorities said.

Weberstown and Sherwood both announced that they would be closed Sunday as protests against the death of Floyd continued on.

Floyd died on Monday (May 25) in Minneapolis while he was handcuffed and in police custody.

Numerous protests have unfolded across the country, including in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Modesto.

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