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Stockton LGBT Nightclub Patrons Pelted With Paintballs

STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS 13) - San Joaquin County Sheriff's deputies are investigating after an attack near an LGBT nightclub. Two people told deputies they were hit with paint balls after leaving the Paradise Nightclub on Sunday morning.

"I'm just unhappy and angry with the situation," said Robert Greenlee, who has been going to the club for years.

It happened at 1:45 on Sunday morning as people were leaving the club but well before most anyone knew of the events unfolding in Orlando about the same time.

"I never really felt unsafe, especially here- it's kind of a home atmosphere," Greenlee said. It's always been safe and people here know their surroundings."

A 26-year-old woman told deputies she was hit in the arm by two paint balls.  A 27-year-old man told deputies he was shot in the back by a paintball.  Both left the scene unharmed but wonder if they were targeted because they were outside of the gay club. The two gave San Joaquin County Sheriff's Deputies possible descriptions of the vehicle. But neither one was able to give descriptions of the suspects.

One of the club's owners told CBS 13 that this wasn't the club's first experience with paint balls.  About a month ago, someone shot yellow paint balls at the front sign.  But that happened after the club had already closed for the night.

Les Garcia with San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office told CBS 13 that it's too early to make the connection between Sunday's event and the events in Orlando.  Deputies will be conducting extra patrols around the club.  And Paradise owners will likely add cameras to the outside of the building following the incident.

"We have a pride center now and it's created a lot of safety within people," Greenlee said. "To take away that safety from the younger generation that has never experienced this, is what make me angry the most."

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