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Stockton residents asked to remain vigilant as police search for possible serial killer

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STOCKTON - As investigators in Stockton continue searching for a serial killer, loved ones are demanding answers.

"I've been kind of sad," said Greta Bogrow, Paul Yaw's mother. Paul was killed on Kermit Ave.

"That's why I'm doing these interviews -- because I want more publicity to catch this person," said Bogrow.

Paul Yaw Greta Bogrow  

The suspect claimed five lives across the city. Investigators determined that ballistic evidence and similarities, including when the victims were killed and how, connected the crimes.

"This is the fingerprint of a serial killer," said retired homicide detective John Cabrera.

Cabrera's worked on high-profile serial killer cases, including the East Area Rapist. We asked Cabrera what the next steps were for investigators.

"Start reaching out to other agencies looking to see if similar crimes have happened in other jurisdictions. you can possibly connect other murders to these murders. We investigate far differently than we would a domestic violence murder or gang killing," said Cabrera. 

He says investigators will keep information close to the vest so suspects won't get ahead of law enforcement.

"If you have the information, you can't just give it out because you'll cause that individual to change or to flee. Then again, you might have an individual who could care less -- he's just going to keep killing," said Cabrera.

Investigators are asking neighbors to remain vigilant. Two of the victims were homeless.

"Often our unhoused neighbors try to find places out of the way so they're not being moved or ticketed by park rangers or law enforcement. They're in a place that's harder to get to. Not good lighting, not having people around to hear you when you're attacked," he said. 

The killer is targeting people in the overnight hours who are alone. Stockton police are increasing police patrols city-wide and are asking residents to stay vigilant.  

Stanley McFadden, Stockton's chief of police, will be sharing the latest developments in the case during a press conference scheduled for 3 p.m. Tuesday. 

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