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Stockton Teen Arrested With Gun On Campus After Snapchat Photo

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A group of retired teachers, whose experienced a deadly shooting in their Stockton classroom almost 30 years ago, are planning a downtown rally to help keep guns away from teens and out of classrooms.

The event comes as a teen faces charges for bringing a loaded gun to school.

It was the social media app Snapchat where students saw pictures of their fellow classmate with a handgun and quickly notified the principal.

Jadin Sharma, 18, a student at Plaza Robles High School is now facing charges after bringing a loaded gun to school.

"The principal called the student in, a search was done and they located a loaded a 9mm handgun," said Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

The school's principal learned Sharma was carrying the gun after a picture on Snapchat was posted.  Authorities are trying to figure out how he got the gun and why it was brought to school.

"This case is a good example on why parents need to listen to what their children are involved in, listen to what is going on at school, is your child being bullied at school? Are they hearing there is an upcoming fight? Are their children worried about further protection? And if they have firearms at home, that's when they really need to be responsible," said Silva.

The assistant superintendent for the Lodi Unified School District says there was no threat made to anyone at the school.  Stockton police say the incident was a dangerous situation and students did the right thing by notifying school officials.

"That is ridiculous, there is no reason for a weapon to be brought onto campus, it's very, very disturbing," said Niki Smith, retired school teacher.

Retired teachers who are part of an organization are planning a rally in downtown Stockton.  Some of the members of Cleveland School Remembers were at on campus in 1989 when a gunman walked into Cleveland Elementary school and began shooting.

"I remember pretty much all of it. I was not in my classroom, it was recess time and when I got back to my class, my students were already in the room, and three of them were injured. There was a lot of blood in the hallways," said Judy Weldon, retired school teacher.

Teachers with Cleveland School Remembers say they're not looking to violate anyone's Second Amendment rights, but instead, want to educate people on being responsible gun owners.  They don't want anything like the incident at Plaza Robles High to happen again.

"Be aware that gun violence is a horrific event whether it's the victim or the family and that the aftermath, the impact is huge and it doesn't go away," she said.

The downtown rally takes place Friday evening, people are asked to wear orange for the event.

Friday is also National Gun Violence Prevention Day.

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