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Three Generations Of Family Building Strong Foundation Under One Roof

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The Gospel Center Rescue Mission helps many people every year stay far away from drugs and alcohol and prepares them to live an independent life.

That was the case three months ago when we introduced you to three generations of women all living at the same shelter, working to get back on track.

Barbara Aguilera of Stockton is celebrating 15 months of being drug-free. We met her over the summer, along with her daughter, Lindsey, and granddaughter, Sareen, who at the time were getting help from the Gospel Center Rescue Mission.

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"What's really, really amazing is, I hadn't had any contact with my family in over 10 years and since this story first aired on CBS13, I have gotten back in contact with my brothers, and we're starting to build a relationship, and my mother," said Barbara.

Barbara used and became addicted to heroin while Lindsey's drug of choice was methamphetamine. Both women had spent years apart, living on the streets of Stockton until they found the strength to make a change.

"I knew the type of person she can be, and she is that person. She is loving, caring, strong, she is supportive, she is emotional, and she is everything and such a good mom, and my granddaughter is totally amazing; she's like my best friend," she said.

Lindsey recently completed her recovery program at the center. She now lives in her own apartment and is working at the center helping others get back on their feet.

"All I can do is share my story, my experience and hopefully it can help other women in the same situation," said L. Aguilera.

The programs at the center have brought all of the woman closer together.

"It was different because I'm so used to having all the women around so, when I was by myself, I was like 'I don't know what I'm going to do,' but I spend a lot of time here at the shelter," she said.
The center offers women and men a second chance in life. Leaders say it's a tough journey that some clients often fail to start, but succeed once they try.

"When we have the women come in here, and they are able to get clean and get out there and get employment, they don't go back under the bridges. They don't back out into the streets. They go to their new home," said Jaime Morris, substance abuse counselor at the center.

Barbara still has some time left in the program and plans to get her own place after she finishes. Lindsey plans to go to school and get a degree.

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