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WATCH: Stockton Police Release Video Of February 22 Deadly Shooting After Pursuit

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton police on Thursday released video of a deadly police shooting that followed a car chase back in late February.

Investigators say a woman hit a police cruiser as the officer was stopped at a traffic light. Surveillance video released by the police department shows the collision in the area of Charter Way and Interstate 5.

Investigators say the driver took off and blew through a red light at Fresno Avenue and Highway 4. Another officer tried to pull her over, but she refused and led them on a chase to a dead-end at Rolerson Road.

The officer got out of his patrol car and the woman backed up into his vehicle knocking him over. The officer then got up and opened fire.

He fired several rounds — at one point, he loaded a new clip and fired again.

The woman, who police later identified as 54-year-old Tracy Gaeta of Sacramento, died at a hospital.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office is now investigating the shooting. The police department has also launched its own investigation.

The full video of the February 22 incident can be seen here.

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